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Window Installation & Replacement

Windows are one of the most important parts of the home. Window placement determines light levels, affects internal temperature, and can be used to make any room more beautiful. They also need to be constructed with attention to detail and made from the highest-quality materials to ensure safety and security. We offer window installation and replacement services throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, DC. For a full list of the services we provide, click here.

The Importance of Home Window Replacement

Good windows are critical when it comes to keeping your home’s temperature balanced and controlled. Poorly installed windows can allow heat to leak out, which can lead to a higher energy bill. Older, single-pane windows are often the source of 70% of an average home’s heat loss. This also contributes to excess fossil fuel emissions due to the need for more energy consumption. Windows made from old or poor-quality glass can shatter during weather events, which is a major hazard. Modern technology has allowed for the development of stronger glass and glazing that can protect your family while keeping your energy bill low. 

If your windows are drafty, difficult to open or close, foggy, or have rotten sills or frames, it’s time to replace them. Replacing your windows can increase curb appeal, allow for personalization, increase security, and add resale value. 

The following are some common types of home windows:

  • Casement windows – Opening outwards and pivoting from side hinges, casement windows have large glass panes and provide lots of light. They seal well when locked, which can significantly improve a home’s energy efficiency. 
  • Bay windows – Allowing light to enter at different angles, bay windows are a common choice for kitchens and family rooms. They usually include side windows, which can be opened for airflow. 
  • Single-hung sash windows – Consisting of two panels arranged vertically, single-hung sash windows allow for the bottom panel to be moved upwards.
  • Double-hung sash windows – Perhaps the most common type, double-hung sash windows consist of two vertically arranged panels. Both panels can be moved all the way up and down. 

Awning windows – Mounted vertically, awning windows are hinged at the top so they can be pushed outwards. These are especially useful for allowing airflow while protecting against rain, leaves, or pollen.

Window Services in Virginia and DC

At SB Builders, our priority is customer satisfaction. We maintain ongoing relationships with our customers and continue to service their homes long after installation. Whatever your window needs are, we’re here to work with you. We also offer repair services should any issues arise in the future. 

What Sets Us Apart

We hold a DPOR License Class A, and have a reputation throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC, for superior window installation and replacement work. Our construction technicians are all employees – we never work with subcontractors in order to guarantee excellent service.

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Poorly installed or old windows could be costing you money and increasing your carbon footprint. If you need window installation or replacement services in Northern Virginia or DC, contact us at 703-625-0132 today. You can also fill out a quick form and we’ll reach out to you. Our licensed home construction experts are happy to answer your questions and discuss your construction needs. 

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