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The frame is the skeleton of the home. A weak or poorly constructed frame can be extremely dangerous, as it can cause the entire structure to collapse. We offer house framing services throughout Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. For a full list of the services we provide, click here.

What is Framing?

A home’s frame is what keeps it from falling down. It is made of beams that form the “bones” of the structure. A solid frame and a good foundation can keep a house standing for hundreds of years. It’s important to invest in reputable framing services to ensure the safety and building code compliance of your home.

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The frame is made of three major parts:

  • Sill plate – The first portion of framing that sits on top of the concrete, the sill plate is attached to the foundation. It prevents bug infestation, water damage, and rot. 
  • Studs – Studs are placed vertically and make up the walls of a house. They are spaced to accommodate windows and doors.
  • Joists – The joists of a frame are horizontal pieces that sit on top of walls and support floors and roofing.

Some common problems with home framing include:

  • Moisture and mold growth
  • Termite infestation
  • Low thermal mass
  • Issues with weather/disaster resistance 
  • Swelling/shrinkage

Our team of home construction experts can address any framing issues you may encounter. We have the tools to create a strong, solid foundation made from the most suitable materials for your particular structure and environment. 

House Framing in Virginia and D.C.

At SB Builders, we take house framing and maintenance seriously. You and your family should feel safe in your home. You shouldn’t ever have to worry about framing issues potentially damaging your home.

SB Builders has a history of satisfied clients and successful framing projects. Whatever your needs are, we’re here to work with you. We value your input and provide detailed plans before beginning construction or maintenance. We often continue to provide maintenance to the homes we work on long after the job is complete. Click here for examples of our home framing work.

What Sets Us Apart

We hold a DPOR License Class A, and have a reputation throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., for superior framing work. Our construction experts are all employees – we never work with subcontractors in order to guarantee excellent service.

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